SCBWI proudly collaborates with a diverse and impactful network of partner organizations, working together to foster positive change in the children's book industry and empower creators and readers worldwide.

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National Coalition Against Censorship

Every generation of Americans faces new and significant challenges to free expression. For almost 50 years, NCAC has acted as a first responder to protect this freedom, which is both a fundamental human right and a keystone of democracy in the ever-changing American nation. We promote freedom of thought and inquiry and oppose censorship. When controversy occurs, we encourage and facilitate dialogue between divergent voices and perspectives, including those that have historically been silenced.

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Diverse Books for All Coalition

The Diverse Books for All Coalition is a national consortium of nonprofits and membership organizations working together to increase access to affordable, high-quality children's books by and about diverse races and cultures.

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Latinx Kidlit Book Festival

The Latinx Kidlit Book Festival is a FREE virtual celebration of Latinx KidLit authors, illustrators, and books for all students, educators and book lovers around the globe. The Festival offers a combination of educational materials and virtual literary content in the form of panels, craft sessions and illustrator draw-offs with best-selling and award-winning Latinx authors and illustrators of picture books, middle grade, young adult, graphic novels, comic books and poetry. The sessions are geared toward all schools, educators, students and book lovers, not just those identifying as Latinx. Everyone is welcome!

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Literary Agents of Change

Literary Agents of Change, the nonprofit born out of American Association of Literary Agents' (AALA) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, was formed to help dismantle the barriers to entry into a career as a literary agent for members of historically underrepresented groups, particularly people of color while recognizing the systems of overlapping oppressions in regard to race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, class, and ability.

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Lee & Low Books

Lee & Low Books is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the country. We are also one of the few minority-owned publishing companies in the United States.


Authors Coalition

The Authors Coalition of America LLC (ACA) is twenty-three American organizations, representing over 85,000 authors, artists and photographers, united to receive foreign reprographic royalties and direct them to benefit every American creator.

Latinx Kidlit Book Festival Giveaways

1. Attendees of the Latinx Kidlit Book Festival can enter for a chance to win a one-year free membership to SCBWI. CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway.

2. Attendees of the Latinx Kidlit Book Festival can enter for a chance to win one free admission to the 2024 SCBWI Winter Virtual Conference. CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway.

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Awards and Grants

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